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YJM Tribute Humidor

The one and only....accept no imitations!

The ultimate collector's item...

Limited number of units produced worldwide!

For cigar smokers this is a real treat.  For all other fans....this is a beautiful wooden masterpiece

that can be used to store anything from jewelery, photos, and more!



The Yngwie J. Malmsteen Tribute Edition Humidor



This special collector's item was created and designed by TLG Canada to give tribute to the greatest Guitar Maestro on Earth.  
Yngwie J. Malmsteen made a huge impact on the world of guitar playing with his Neo-Classical Metal/Rock style of music with his jaw-dropping first solo album in 1983 (at the age of 20) called "Rising Force" and continues to amaze the world to date, with his superb technique and exciting stage performances. 
Yngwie's fans have come to expect nothing but the best from the Maestro, so we have brought the best collector's item to you! 



     -Medium sized (11.75"x8.13"x5.13"), black high gloss lacquer finish, 50-75 cigar count humidor

     -Spanish cedar lined interior with sealing edges 

     -Equipped with analog hygrometer, humidifier, humidifier holder, cigar divider, booklet with instructions for use.



Key Features of Value:


 Outside Finish

     -High gloss unique image of Yngwie J. Malmsteen (moonlit setting)

     -Yngwie's personal signature (handwritten by Yngwie, reproduced for humidor print)

     -Yngwie's famous phrase "Play Loud!" (handwritten by Yngwie, reproduced for humidor print)

    -Copyright 2009 Rising Force Records


        Inside of Humidor

            -Unique serial number on inside lid 

            -Analog hygrometer to read relative humidity level inside humidor

            -Rectangle humidifier with holder to disburse humidity inside humidor

           -Wood Cigar Divider to separate and organize cigars

            -Collector's mini-booklet containing Yngwie's biography, discography, recent achievements, humidor use instructions


*Upgrades and additional accessories available through our website.

*Only TLG Canada is authorized to sell and distribute the YJM Signature Collection Humidor worldwide.  All authentic humidors will have a Certificate of Authenticity available only through company's headquarters.  Only TLG Canada certified and authentic YJM Signature Collection Humidors will be eligible for guarantee against defects. Please do NOT contact Malmsteen Management should you receive a defective or damaged unit, contact us via our "Contact Us" page and we will assist you with all of your questions/concerns.  

We hope you enjoy the use of your humidor, as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!


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